Dr. James Woodmansee

James Woodmansee, O.D.

Dr. Woodmansee is an Optometrist in Grand Forks providing complete eye care services for the surrounding communities.

As a licensed optometrist, Dr. Woodmansee provides exams, diagnoses, and treatments of all disorders that affect the eye or vision. He takes the time at the end of all exams to review his findings and explain in easy to understand terms the findings of his exam, the treatment plan, and the follow up schedule.

In addition to training in eye diseases and disorders, Dr. Woodmansee is also trained in anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology. With this background, Dr. Woodmansee is vigilant in looking for problems relating to systemic health and ocular health; such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. When necessary, Dr. Woodmansee will refer you to the proper specialists if systemic disease signs or symptoms are found or a neurological or ophthalmological consultation is needed.

Dr. Woodmansee works hard to stay current on the latest advances in eye health and vision care and regularly attends continuing education seminars and advanced training courses. It is because of Dr. Woodmansee's dedication to continuing education that our Grand Forks patients receive the most modern and progressive vision care available.  At Family Eye Care we give you the same level of personal attention and care as we give to our family members. At Family Eye Care we treat you like family.

What patients are saying about Dr. Woodmansee and the Family Eye Care team:
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"I have been seeing Dr. Woodmansee since I was 17. I would not go anywhere else! Great Doc! Great staff!"   -Felicia BG from Grand Forks ND-

"I had a wonderful experience at Family Eye Care. The staff are friendly and helpful and Dr. Woodmansee is great was able to explain things so well!"   -Cheryl K. from Warren, MN-

"Positive experience. I find Dr. Woodmansee's exams very satisfactory. He explains everything very thorough."   -Linda B. from Devils Lake-

"We visited Dr. Woodmansee and he spent the time to explain to my wife and I what and why I should start with a pair of glasses in my house in front of a TV. I would highly recommend him to anybody!"   -Kelly L. from Trail, MN-

“Visiting Family Eye Care, and specifically Dr. Woodmansee has honestly been a life-changing experience. Not only do they provide the best patient interaction that I have experienced form an optometrist, but they are also truly concerned for the patients’ well-being.

“Several years ago during a routine visit, Dr. Woodmansee advised that I receive follow-up care for a ‘suspect’ area in the back of my eye. Upon review by another physician, it was recommended that I “wait and see,” an answer that Dr. Woodmansee did not feel was accurate. He basically required that I see another physician. Three weeks later I was in Philadelphia for a cancer consult. It was caught early.

“Family Eye Care not only provides me with proper prescriptions for glasses and contacts, they have also provided me with additional years with which to enjoy them.”   -Jeff P.-


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Woodmansee did a great job examining my eyes! Explained everything about my eye health along with how the eyes age and preventative measure that can be taken to keep the eyes healthy. I was even given a little history about the color of my eyes! Very easy to talk to and very easy to understand! I would highly recommend Dr. Woodmansee to everyone needing an eye exam!"
    Chip S.
  • "Was a very fun time.and he was straight foward.and explained everything and explained what options were better and so one .be my eye doctor from now on.and next door got glass for a good deal.and was the same day in about 20 min .wow.thanks again"
    Mike S.
  • "I saw Dr. Woodmansee yesterday afternoon. Best eye exam I have ever had! I can see!!! He will be my eye Dr. from now on!!"
    Lois K.